Womb is my playground

Time flew like an arrow and here we arrived at the clinic for seventh month pregnancy check-up. Long queue meant we won’t be seeing the doctor until at least an hour. Waiting room was bustling with people and it took a while before we could find vacant seat to rest our legs. We were delighted at the opportunity to sit finally, notwithstanding long wait time. But the little one inside wasn’t as much pleased. After short stint of quiet squirmish inside, she decided to break out big on the stage with a performance that would turn onlookers sitting by into her captive audience. As she moved with extreme prowess, head to toe – no part was spared; left to right – no move excused; top to bottom – no section of stage left uncovered. The contour along my belly jumped up and down with great pace as if it were the monitor for a high pitch music beat played inside. Thin top I wore only augmented the experience for viewers. Finally, the long-awaited call arrived when the audience in the room were on verge to give up struggle to keep their curving lips straight. That call has brought a stellar performance to an abrupt end as we got up and walked into doctors room. But as it is said, nothing is static and no work of art is ever finished.

Later in the doctor’s room, when the typical monitor showed her outline, it wasn’t a mere shadow anymore. That little mouth slowly making a circle showed the exhaustion on her face; those tiny hands sprawling out, showed the fatigue and weariness after a solid performance; that arched back showed the desperation to rest after long fruitful day. It was as if we were watching her, not on a scanned ultrasound image, but on a high definition ultra-advanced TV. In that moment, watching her on that ultra-advanced TV, we also heard her announce the unsaid ‘World, await my arrival on big stage. Until then womb is my playground’


Always Hungry

‘Stay hungry, get better’, goes the quote that asserts importance of staying hungry to keep pushing oneself to get better. During our fourth month pregnancy check-up, we saw her imbibe this spirit in literal sense when the scan showed her nibbling greedily on the placenta. That sight on monitor, of great ambition and greed to grow, puffed up the chests of ‘parents to be’ filling them with pride. As the ‘parents to be’ stood there beaming in pride, the stoic doctor on the other end passed a quick curt remark ‘Always Hungry’

A Glimpse of what lies ahead

Talk about ‘Kids’ and ‘Mischief’. Everyone around, whether a parent or not know they are two synonymous words. But little did these ‘parents to be’ knew the mischief a ‘baby to be’ is capable of when they walked into ultrasound room of the hospital for the third month pregnancy check-up. Nurse had just one simple instruction from doctor ‘Take neck measurements of the foetus’. How hard could that be? ‘FOETUS’ – as powerless and vulnerable it may sound; it is not all that plain and simple when it is operating from its impregnable stronghold. It had a favourite spot inside the womb and a will even stronger, to cling to that spot. But the nurse needed it to move down from the spot as it caused a slouching posture preventing accurate measurements. For the next 30 odd minutes I spun around in all directions possible like a hippo rolling in swamp with nurse waggling my tummy at the same time. And after a brief stint of this ordeal, it has finally decided to descend from the favourite spot. Nurse was quick enough to do what was necessary. And as we all witnessed it crawled back to favourite spot again after giving us brief room to accomplish the mission impossible

That gave me not just a glimpse but a vivid insight into what’s coming ahead, while its ‘Daddy to be’ stood there asking the nurse in disbelief ’Is it a baby inside or Spiderman?’