A Glimpse of what lies ahead

Talk about ‘Kids’ and ‘Mischief’. Everyone around, whether a parent or not know they are two synonymous words. But little did these ‘parents to be’ knew the mischief a ‘baby to be’ is capable of when they walked into ultrasound room of the hospital for the third month pregnancy check-up. Nurse had just one simple instruction from doctor ‘Take neck measurements of the foetus’. How hard could that be? ‘FOETUS’ – as powerless and vulnerable it may sound; it is not all that plain and simple when it is operating from its impregnable stronghold. It had a favourite spot inside the womb and a will even stronger, to cling to that spot. But the nurse needed it to move down from the spot as it caused a slouching posture preventing accurate measurements. For the next 30 odd minutes I spun around in all directions possible like a hippo rolling in swamp with nurse waggling my tummy at the same time. And after a brief stint of this ordeal, it has finally decided to descend from the favourite spot. Nurse was quick enough to do what was necessary. And as we all witnessed it crawled back to favourite spot again after giving us brief room to accomplish the mission impossible

That gave me not just a glimpse but a vivid insight into what’s coming ahead, while its ‘Daddy to be’ stood there asking the nurse in disbelief ’Is it a baby inside or Spiderman?’

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